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Synapsis Design
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HEIM+HAUS Compact, Cassette Awning - Product Design
Cassette Awning
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RICHARD WOLF D-URS, Medical Instrument - Medical Design
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J.D. Neuhaus mini500, Pneumatic Air Hoist - Industrial Design
Pneumatic Air Hoist
J.D.NEUHAUS mini500
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KLS MARTIN Limax 120, Medical Laser - Medical Design
Medical Laser
KLS MARTIN Limax 120
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Futurizing products by design.

Synapsis Design is an industrial design studio based in Stuttgart, in south-western Germany. We are an efficient product development partner for medical technology and engineering companies, as well as for consumer goods, such awnings, sports equipment and audio systems.

Thanks to our special technical know-how, we work highly successful and cost-effectively for companies of very different sizes.

Excellent industrial design is a decisive criterion for the market success of products, because it is the visible sign of their quality and reliability. Product design provides essential impulses in the development process.

Our main strength is the ability to combine brand-enhancing aesthetics and engineering with outstanding cost efficiency. This means for us: Technik gestalten!


Corporate design for SICK’s RFID product family

The distinct square shape, in conjunction with rounded corners that are a tighter angle at the bottom than the top, has now established itself as the characteristic look-and-feel for SICK’s entire RFID product family. Equally striking are…

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Innovative ergonomics for endoscopic stone treatment

Richard WOLF is a worldwide specialist in endoscopic stone therapy. Due to the fixed shaft and the extremely flexible tip, the D-URS instrument can be used to treat stones by laser, both in …

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Smart long-lasting compact design for d&b audiotechnik

d&b audiotechnik in Backnang near Stuttgart is world-famous for audio systems used in opera houses, concert halls, stadiums and open-air arenas. “The E0 is d&b’s smallest loudspeaker but boasts…

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Innovation and circular design

Innovative technology is a key driver of Synapsis Design’s approach in product development. This may entail the evolution of existing products or the creation of entirely new solutions. However, technical innovations are not an end in themselves. Their goal is always to improve customer benefit and/or the price/performance ratio.

Circular design is based on the realisation that the use of materials in a circular economy results in the highest benefit with the lowest consumption of resources.

The idea of Cradle To Cradle was developed more than 20 years ago and the finite nature of resources was addressed by the Club Of Rome more than 50 years ago.

It was only with the climate crisis that Circular Design or Eco Design really came into focus. This is where the most important innovations will take place in the future. And economic success will increasingly depend on how environmentally friendly and socially responsible it is achieved.