HEIM+HAUS Compact – Awning

The awning model COMPACT from HEIM+HAUS has a cloth area of max. 3 x 5 m, which is completely sufficient for the vast majority of terraces. This saves material and weight on all parts and provides for the unusually slim appearance. The bearings for the arms, the fabric shaft and the wall brackets are located on the outside. As a result, the adjustability of the fabric inclination is extremely large.

Due to the round end caps, the same brackets are used for mounting at the wall or under balconies. The COMPACT can be operated manually or electrically and is weather-protected throughout. High-quality aluminum parts ensure a long service life.


Cassette Awning

Product Design, Prototyping, CAD-Data for manufacture

20 x 12 cm, L 2,5 – 5 m