Who we are and what we can

Synapsis Design was founded by Frank Detering in 2009. He holds university degrees in both mechanical engineering and product design, and this is a major factor behind the consultancy’s focus on technology-led products.

The company’s offices are located in Kulturpark Berg in Stuttgart – one of Germany’s first-ever campuses for the media and creative industries. It is home to architects, designers, video production companies, advertising agencies, artists and a university for media studies. This is the ideal environment for interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-fertilization. Hand in hand with our clients, we have been developing products

of exceptional, high-quality design for more than 20 years. Our portfolio also includes trade show and exhibition design, corporate design strategies, and UI and UX design.

Synapses connect sensory organs to the rest of the body, converting inputs into outputs. Our work is comparable, concerned with converting ideas into industrial products, harnessing creative ideas to arrive at tangible solutions. We design products of sustainable form and function. In the longer term, these are more cost-effective and economically successful – and also more ecological and resource-friendly.

Selected clients and projects