KLS MARTIN Limax 120

The Limax® 120 from KLS Martin is a surgical laser that, despite being a complex medical instrument, boasts a clearly structured design. The raised control panel features a large display at a convenient working height. The laser has an integrated gas flow control function for the use of gas-irrigated fibers. There is also a fully integrated extraction and filter function for the removal of fumes generated during surgery. The interior components are configured as modules for ease of replacement/maintenance and can be easily accessed from the exterior.

The laser offers consistent high power and a carefully chosen laser wavelength, allowing the Limax® 120 to be deployed on tissue long considered inoperable. A key focus was the user interface, designed on the basis of a usability study. All parameters can be set by means of a single multifunctional dial. Not least on account of its intuitive design, the Limax® 120 remains to this day the benchmark laser for surgery on parenchyma and metastases.


Surgical laser

Design concepts, product design, engineering details, user interface design

50 x 62 x 110 cm