J.D.NEUHAUS mini500

J.D. NEUHAUS, based in Witten, is the world leader for pneumatic and hydraulic hoists. The mini500 weighs around 20 kg while boasting a lifting capacity of 500 kg. As a result, it offers considerably greater strength than a comparable electrically-powered product. It was the result of a two-year strategic development process supported by a large team of carefully selected experts from across the entire company. The hoist has twice the service life of its predecessor but 20 percent greater lifting speed. A shut-off valve was integrated into the chain outlet. This outlet is made of extremely tough plastic and, when worn or damaged, can be replaced without opening the hoist. This significantly increases the longevity of the mini500. The hoist can accommodate a chain of up to 8 m in length in a compartment made by blow molding. Ease of maintenance was improved considerably through multiple design changes.

For the first time, all device data and a service link have been embedded within an NFC chip. The curved shape is traditional with J.D.NEUHAUS hoists. It is a recognizable symbol for compressed air. The hand control comprises two casings made of impact-resistant plastic. It has been designed for excellent ergonomics and allows extremely precise operation. The hand control is a feature of all products in the mini family.


Pneumatic air hoist

Strategic design development within the obeya team, product design, CAD data for selected components, product graphics

295 x 255 x 490 mm