SICK RULER3000 Series

The Ruler3000 are absolute top class in 3D vision systems in speed and accuracy of measurements and identification. The design development of the product family resulted in a hybrid design principle: the connector unit and the laser unit at the ends of the housing as well as the main aluminum profile are identical parts. The lens coverings, on the other hand, vary with the size of the desired measuring field. This facilitates efficient series production of the systems.

All Ruler3000s are calibrated and pre-configured for quick and easy implementation in automated production lines. The modular design improves repairability and thus also the product life cycle. The indicator LEDs have been placed on the edge of the connector unit for optimum visibility in different mounting positions. The round lens covers allow the use of cost-effective, standardised filter attachments.


3D Machine Vision

Product design, construction details


2018 – 2021