ZEISS Direct100

The DIRECT100 is a modular system with a base body to which the units for illumination, camera recording and the appropriate optics are flanged. The industrial design of the system is composed of relatively sharp cubic and cylindrical shapes. In order to subdivide the large mass, the lighting and evaluation unit are set off from the other modules as volumes and in color.

“An interferometer is a technical device that uses the phenomenon of interference (superposition of waves) for precision measurements.” This is how Wikipedia explains this term. The DIRECT 100 from ZEISS in Oberkochen is a laser interferometer for determining the surface quality of lenses, mirrors or metallic bodies with the highest accuracy. 1 mm height deviation on an area the size of Lake Constance could be measured with it. It has the size of a travel case and is used e.g. for the measurement of large astronomical telescope mirrors or lenses.



Productdesign, prototyping, product graphics, UI design

66 x 78 x 34 cm