W.O.M. World Of Medicine TC805

The very compact and ergonomically optimized TC805 is available as a fully sterilizable version with a housing made of PEEK, the particularly resilient plastic for medical applications. It has a standard connection for interchangeable lenses and a quick coupling for endoscopes. The easily detachable camera cable is particularly service-friendly and also increases the service life of the camera.

WORLD OF MEDICINE AG, Berlin, has been a pioneer in equipment for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) for over 30 years. Operations in the abdominal cavity are performed through a few small openings and the surgical field is only visible via appropriate cameras. The endoscopic cameras produced by W.O.M. support all common image formats as high-quality 1-chip and 3-chip systems.


Endoscopic camera

Ergonomics conception, Productdesign, CAD-data for manufacuture

44 x 38 x 130 mm