TRUMPF Medica Trade Fair Booth

Every year, MEDICA in Düsseldorf is the world’s largest showcase for the medical technology industry. TRUMPF has a booth here with equipment for physical therapy: stimulation current, ultrasound and microwave devices. A 4.50 m silver elliptical pedestal, illuminated from the inside, is the central element of the stand for the presentation of all table-top devices. A colorful, curved counter forms an inviting entrance in front of the TRUMPF blue exterior wall.

Within a manageable footprint, there are two meeting options, one public and one in the rear booth area next to the service cell. Three oversized, suspended trapezoidal light fixtures house the spot and general lighting, creating a confident architectural landmark that can be seen from a distance.

The main podium is divided in two, so that it can also be placed separately on the outer walls. This allows space to be made for the presentation of new large-scale equipment in the center. In this way, the stand concept will be used again in variations over a number of years. On the one hand, this is cost-efficient and, on the other, avoids large amounts of trade show waste.


Exhibition stand

Design concept, booth development and construction, lighting technology,     trade fair posters and brochures, graphic design

50 qm

2001 – 2004