The ergonomically inclined front surface of the SUTTER CURIS RF-device is repeated at the back of the unit. The body is conical, getting wider and higher at the front, thus creating more space for a self-evident and clearly structured operating panel. The result is a unit with explicit design characteristics that opens itself to the user. Even the sound which is combined with the tactile turning knobs complete the impression of a strong, high-quality medical device.

Electro surgery units are used for cutting and coagulating (blood stopping) during medical operations. CURIS does not cover the wide variety of surgical disciplines but is a tool for specialists mainly in ENT (ear, nose, throat) and neurosurgery. Its high working frequency of 2,2 to 4 MHz (radio frequency) offers more precise coagulation functions and reduces sticking to the tissue. The AutoRF technique, which is a SUTTER trademark, regulates the cutting currents in relation to the changing of tissue impedance.


RF-surgical unit

Design concepts, product design, housing construction, CAD-data, product graphics, naming

32 x 17 x 38 cm