The angled upper part of the ASTOPAD body implicates the tilted control panel, making it more ergonomic to adjust and at the same time easy to see from a distance. The resulting inclination of the plug also protects the two 18-pin cables from bending. The device complies with all regulations regarding tightness and hospital hygiene. It is usually attached to a mobile transport stand with a clamp.

The Stuttgart-based company STIHLER ELECTRONIC has been manufacturing patient warming systems for over 30 years. The ASTOPAD system uses temperature-controlled warming blankets to prevent patients from cooling down during long operations. One or two warming blankets for premature infants can also be connected. For the first time, the relatively compact control unit can be operated both from the power grid and from a strong rechargeable battery.


Control unit patient warming system

Design concepts, product design, prototyping, CAD-Data for manufacture, User interface design

15 x 12 x 28 cm