Pneumatic pistons used as actuators and motion elements in plants normally know only two positions: completely outside or completely inside. With a small magnet inside the piston and the MPS sensor from SICK AG, Waldkirch, all positions in between can also be controlled with high precision. This clever in-house development is a real alternative to the much more expensive linear drives.

The asymmetrical plastic profile requires very little space and can be threaded into the T-slots from above (drop-in capability). The fastening with two grub screws from above in the T-slot of the pistons is protected by patent. The cable outlet retracted into the end cap is another space saving design detail. The MPS position sensor is available in six lengths with analog signal output or I-O-Link digital data format. The sensor is set up via the teach button and an indicator LED. The product design is both striking and functional.


Position sensor series

Product design, construction details

13 x 14 mm, L 32 – 256 mm