SICK Trade fair exhibition system

SICK’s trade fair design, which Europe’s largest manufacturer of “Sensor Intelligence” uses to present itself at over 400 trade fairs worldwide, is digital, individual, concise, and flexible. An in-house aluminum profile with zinc die-cast corner connectors can be assembled into frames for tables or wall elements.

Products are still displayed “to touch” on the elements. At the same time, large displays and industrial PCs allow any depth of information on any product. The elements are atmospherically charged by large backlit slides at the top and bottom. At the same time, their color schemes can be used to create orientation at large trade fairs.

All wall elements have fixed castors at the bottom for easy fair assembly. The exhibition tables can be transported with pallet trucks. There is a wide range of matching accessories.


Modular exhibition system

Design concept, construction, illumination techniques, product graphics, prototyping, pilot series