This is an innovative device from Infrasonics that effectively combats insomnia without medication or side effects. Also dubbed a “health player” by the company, it is connected to an ergonomic pillow equipped with stereo loudspeakers and helps users to fall and remain asleep, often after many years of problems, e.g. older people, stressed executives, or professional athletes prior to competitions. The sounds produced are very quiet but across a wide range of frequencies. The shift in phase between the two channels modifies the sound to create an extremely calming and sleep-inducing effect.

The inpulser system was developed over many years by a senior manager, himself an extreme insomniac, in collaboration with sound engineers, software specialists and designers. It can be powered by mains electricity or batteries. The buttons and symbols are raised, enabling easy recognition and operation in the dark. The satin-finish aluminum housing gives the product a high-quality look-and-feel. It is also robust and hard-wearing, making the device suitable to be lent to potential users for trial periods.


Audio Device

Product design, prototyping

130 x 90 x 20 mm