WAVE is a compact, curvaceous thermos flask with 0.3 l capacity. Its size makes it ideal for a handbag or car door compartment. It boasts an ingenious way of making tea. Once it has been filled with hot water, it is turned upside down to steep the tea. Then the flask is returned to an upright position, and the tea leaves can be easily removed from the strainer. WAVE can also be used for cold drinks. The lid can be locked to prevent accidental opening of the flask. At the same time, the lid pops up automatically when the locking mechanism on the side is released and pressed lightly.

The project was prompted by a visit to a trade show in Guangzhou. The manufacturer HOCOMAID supplies many leading German brands with all-metal thermos flasks. WAVE is, by contrast, aimed at Asian markets.


All-metal thermos flask

Product design

200 x 90 x 70 mm