HEIM+HAUS Deluxe Vario

A good awning must provide maximum shade for patios or balconies while ensuring compact dimensions when retracted. The DELUXE Vario awning from HEIM+HAUS is the perfect combination of a conventional angled awning and a vertical element for low-lying sun in the evenings, fall or spring.

The vertical element can be made of conventional awning fabric or semi-transparent material. It is seamlessly integrated into the middle profile, minimizing weight. When the awning is retracted, the middle profile and the profile at the lower end of the vertical element fit neatly into the wall-mounted profile and, with the aluminum end caps, form a single elegant, weather-proof unit. DELUXE Vario combines technically sophisticated components with a coherent, clear-cut and attractive form.


Vario awning

Product design, prototyping, CAD data for manufacture, renderings, photo design, video clip

22 x 24 cm, L 3 – 6,5 m