d&b audiotechnik M2

The slightly funnel-shaped basic shape of the M2 box is synonymous with what it does: sound dispersion. The connector plugs have been integrated into the curved rear panel so that they are well protected from damage. The tapered handles are automatically grasped at the center of gravity. Thus, the shape and details correspond to what makes the special d&b quality.

d&b audiotechnik, based in Backnang near Stuttgart, has always been committed to providing world-class musicians with first-class technology, which is why Prince, for example, insisted on performing with d&b equipment. Monitor boxes have the task of providing the musicians with sound that is sent into the audience from the rest of the system. For over 20 years now, the M2 has been d&b’s most powerful monitor speaker.


Monitor box

Product design

325 x 485 x 425 mm