Pro X Walker

The Pro X Walker replaces walking poles with two handles with pulleys that are hooked to the belt, so that the movement of the arms takes place against a spring resistance. In this way, walking not only trains endurance and leg muscles, but also the upper arms and back. Based on an inventor’s patent, this is the complete development of an innovative piece of sports equipment.

Extensive ergonomic tests were conducted to determine the design of the handles with their soft components and grip structures. A non-slip, rubberized material was found for the belt. In sewn-on clips, the cable pulls are securely fastened but also easily unhooked. The belt is variably adjustable to different body sizes and has a practical pocket for cell phone and house keys. A larger model can also accommodate a water bottle. The distribution takes place both through an online store and through various distribution partners such as the company Tchibo.


Walking belt

Ergonomic research, design concepts, connection clip design, construction for manufacture with 2K-components, function models, acceptance testing, prototyping, accessories.

72 x 33 x 110 mm