01 / 2021 – LECTOR611 Miniature code reader camera

2021-01Lector611_Miniatur-Codelesekamera-Design, Design, Industriedesign, Produktdesign

At the beginning of the year, SICK´s smallest code-reading camera comes onto the market. On the one hand, miniaturisation allows products to be manufactured using less and less material, but on the other hand it also requires ever more compact and highly accurate reading devices for their production and packaging, e.g. in the assembly of mobile phones or electronic components. This logic is followed by the LECTOR 611 mini code reader. A magnifying glass function allows bar and dot codes to be read with the finest resolutions down to 0.02 mm, even on coloured or shiny materials. Despite extremely reduced dimensions, all parameters can be conveniently set directly on the device.