The distinct square shape, in conjunction with rounded corners that are a tighter angle at the bottom than the top, has now established itself as the characteristic look-and-feel for SICK’s entire RFID product family. Equally striking are the multicolored LEDs in the corners, enabling the operational status of the device to be clearly viewed from any direction.

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology can be employed to wirelessly read or write data. It is contactless, and therefore reliable even in hot or dirty environments. It is durable and low maintenance. The radio waves emitted are less powerful than with a typical cell phone. RFID is widely employed throughout the logistics industry and for automated processes. SICK, headquartered in Waldkirch, is Europe’s market leader for sensors and automation technology.


RFID read/write device

Product design, product graphics, mounting concept

130 x 55 x 130 mm