The MAXIUM was the beginning of unit operation via large-format digital displays for KLS MARTIN’s high-frequency surgical units. Up to eight HF current forms and their performance data are clearly displayed, as well as the assignment of foot switches for surgical handpieces, scissors, forceps and other instruments.

Preconfigured menus for standard ORs can be called up via the display or individual current forms can be saved. The menus have been translated into many languages for export. Connecting instruments in darkened ORs has been simplified with backlit jacks. The socket fields are interchangeable for different country regions and plug standards.

An argon beamer for hemostasis in large areas and a suction unit for smoke gas have been adapted in design to the MAXIUM. The distinctive housing shape has proven to be quite durable and has been in use for more than 15 years.


HF-high frequency surgical unit

Productdesign, Lightingconcept, CAD-Data for sheetmetal and plastics manufacturing, UI Design

39 x 17 x 45 cm